T3 Technology


T3 Triple Axis Technology allows the hunter to place their stand on any tree from those perfectly straight trees to those extremely crooked or leaning trees that were bypassed in years past. By allowing the hunter to level all three planes independently you can control horizontal, vertical, and lateral adjustments. Giving you a rock solid level platform in any tree and allowing you to HUNT WHERE YOU NEED TO!


Vertical Leveling

Vertical leveling is achieved by using our custom J-Hook (patent pending) which allows the stand to level by itself. Once the J-Hook strap and ratchet are in place, the stand can be hooked on and will correctly align on its own. The J-Hook is also an asset when hanging the stand; the stand’s weight rests solely on the J-Hook allowing the remaining straps to be easily attached.


Horizontal Leveling

The Patented horizontal bar at the bottom of the treestand allows leveling adjustments to be made, accommodating to any leaning or crooked trees. The bar has multiple holes for maximum possibilities in attaching the wire hooks with ratchet straps. Big, small, or crooked, there is a combination for any tree.
(NO teeth are necessary to give you a rock solid placement.)


Lateral Leveling

Lateral leveling of the stand is provided by 13 holes on the T-bar (patent pending) that gives 7 inch range of adjustments. This is the greatest range of leveling of any stand, for trees leaning forward or back. The movement of the oval connector from one setting to another is as simple as unscrewing the connector, move and retighten. Seat leveling is simply done by tightening the stainless steel bolt.